Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Delirium (Delirio caldo) (1972)

Renato Polselli's Delirium (Delirio caldo) (1972) is absolute perverse pandemonium. Mickey Hargitay is an impotent doctor by day, and psycho sex maniac by night. His wife has dreams of Mickey being a dungeon sex master who tortures women. Their maid is so infatuated by Mickey that she sucks her shoulder to get off. And then Mickey is assigned to help the police find the killer of his own victims.

Polselli's opulent and obscene direction, as well as his surreal editing patterns, are the strongest parts of the movie. His vision was unique, disturbing in its perversity, but fascinating in the way it merges both the pleasure of dreams and the horror nightmares often within the same image.

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